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About Olsztyn

Because of its location among lakes, forests and monuments, which survived, Olsztyn is an exceptionally attractive tourist city. One may admire, inter alia, a late Gothic cathedral (9-15th century), one of two gates protecting Olsztyn and remnants of ramparts. A special attention should be paid to the Warmia chapter castle, which had started to be constructed before the city was founded. The castle had its own ramparts, which in connection with city walls formed a large bastion. It constituted a seat of a land property administrator of the Warmia chapter. Nicolaus Copernicus was the most famous administrator in the castle from 1516 to 1521.

21% of the city area consists in forests, which constitute the largest forest complex within a city area in Europe. They function as recreational and relaxation places as well as a tourist attraction. 15  lakes, which Olsztyn possesses within its administrative borders, give an unusual charm to the city. The Old City of Olsztyn is a chief asset, which in summer changes intoa great artistic stage for Olsztyńskie Lato Artystyczne festival (Olsztyn Artistic Summer Festival).Other cultural events, which take place in Our City, are worth mentioning, for example cyclic Castle Meetings - "We sing Poetry."